Getting started with a new system doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This guide is to help You – a Supplier to get started with 1Centre.

In addition to this guide make use of our video guides to assist with the setup as a Supplier within 1Centre. Once your company is set up as a Supplier in 1Centre – your Admin user can then add Standard users and Manager users to 1Centre. Every time a Standard user or Man ager is added - they will receive an email to invite them to pick a password & they’re on their way.


The Basics

1Centre is a web-based application that works in most web browsers which means you don’t need to download or install any new software on your computer. To make sure that 1Centre works properly in your browser, you should enable cookies, pop-ups, and JavaScript and ensure you’re using the latest browser version on an IPad, laptop or PC. 1Centre works best on Google Chrome web browser.


Existing Processes

How does 1Centre impact on your company’s existing processes. Some suggested areas to consider;

  • Future paper/ stationary needs e.g. prepaid envelopes
  • Courier/ postal services agreements
  • File storage and security needs currently versus cloud based archives
  • Sales reporting
  • Credit Services (e.g. Equifax, Centrix or Creditworks, Trade Reference checking)


1Centre is revolutionising the trade account opening processes. Who in your company needs to be in the know?

  • Everyone internally (sales, admin/ accounts, managers etc.)
  • Prospects

Managing customer expectations

Let your prospects / new customers know they can;


  • View the account opening progress in real-time
  • Have account application completed on the spot
  • Register as a Business Consumer on 1Centre – FREE for life


We’re here to help. Your company will have many ways of getting support from us.

1Centre technical updates 

Our technical team will continue adding new features to the product intermittently. We will aim to inform you of any updates/ possible downtime proactively.

User Types

There are three key roles and therefore permissioning levels in 1Centre.  Each role has different views and responsibilities within the system.  These roles are:


Standard:        This function is typically your sales person who can create applications and view their own customers.


Admin:             ‘Super User’ this function has overall responsibility for the Supplier account and can view all sales reps information up to a National level.  This role can also edit the details.

Manager:        This person has similar functionality to the admin person but cannot set up trade accounts. 


Application form 

The below questions are asked in the application form from your customer.  You will get the opportunity to add up to three additional questions. 

  • Legal entity name
  • Legal entity type
  • Company
  • Partnership
  • Trust
  • Sole Trader
  • Industry using ANZIC codes
  • Key contact details (first name, last name, email, telephone number)
  • In addition, depending on legal entity type the following questions:
  • Company = contact telephone number, website, address, number of staff
  • Partnership = number and detail of each partner (name, email, % share)
  • Trust = number of trustees, details of each trustee (name, email)
  •  Individual/Joint=number of individuals, names, contact details, employer & position details, property ownership details

They are also asked:

  • Trade reference details if required by your company
  • Guarantees if required by your company
  • You are able to ask up to 6 additional questions – if required
  • To review and accept your company’s T&Cs
  • To review and accept 1Centre T&Cs
  • Preferred credit limit (range is set by supplier)
  • Details of user who is submitting the application (name, email, DOB) and confirmation they have authority to bind the consumer into the trade agreement.