The short answer is no. However as we do not integrate with the Australian companies office some answers are entered manually by the customer eg. for a company; ACN number ( mandatory), ABN number, company registration date, number of directors, names and contact details for directors.

Australia - Application form 

The below questions are asked in the application form from your customer.  You will get the opportunity to add up to three additional questions. 

  • Legal entity name
  • Legal entity type
  • Company
  • Partnership
  • Trust
  • Sole Trader
  • Key contact details (first name, last name, email, telephone number)
  • In addition, depending on legal entity type the following questions:
  • Company = contact telephone number, website, address, number of staff, number of directors, ACN number, ABN number, company registration date, names of directors, email addresses of directors
  • Partnership = number and detail of each partner (name, email, % share)
  • Trust = number of trustees, details of each trustee (name, email)

They are also asked:

  • Trade reference details if required by the Supplier
  • Personal Guarantees if required by the Supplier
  • You are able to ask up to 6 additional questions – if required
  • To review and accept your company’s T&Cs
  • To review and accept 1Centre T&Cs
  • Preferred credit limit (range is set by supplier)
  • Details of user who is submitting the application (name, email, DOB) and confirmation they have authority to bind the consumer into the trade agreement.