1Centre HQ is the aggregated view of an organisation, whether multiple legal entities, or regional/area/store structures.

  • HQ Admin user role
  1. This role is typically the CFO, Financial controller or the person responsible for monitoring and maintaining the HQ account.
  2. This role is the only role who has access to the 'Profile Page' tab shown in the menu of the HQ account and you can have multiple HQ Admins.
  3. This role has visibility of each entity under the HQ account and can do everything the Admin user can do on the 1Centre basic Account.

  • HQ Manager user role
  1. This role is typically your GM Sales, CFO, CIO.This role has aggregated visibility of all activity under the HQ account but cannot go intoany of the individual entity accounts.
  2. This role cannot see the profile tab or add on tab so has no rights to change the credit rules or change team members.
  3. This role can be nominated to be an approver on the HQ account.

  • HQ Standard user role
  1. This role can only see their profile and cannot approve accounts.
  2. This role can send applications, add notes and view the review application tab.
  3. This role cannot delete or archive applications.