All L1 approvers will receive an email notification when the customer submits their completed application.

In addition, approvers will receive an additional notification when they are tagged to a specific notification.

To approve an application; 

1. Go to your pipeline page, find and select the application > then click review to go to the credit file; 

2. Review the application as per your business's credit policy

3. Once you are ready to proceed with decisions, go to the 'Limits & approvals' tab on the left-hand menu;

4. Ensure that you are tagged as the approver;

5. Decision the application by clicking on the relevant button 'decline', 'approve' or 'escalate';

6. Make any required amendments and add any approver notes;

7. Click 'Send approval' to confirm approval

Note: If you are the 'final' approver, you will be notified and required to confirm the approval.