The 1Centre IUF module allows you to create as many custom IUF rulesets as you need based on the business line, team, entity type and more. 

Step 1.  Determine your Internal use fields

Identify the internal use fields you need, what type of applications you need them for and if this information is required before or after an application can be approved.

NOTE: To assist you with this, you may want to refer to your current/previous format as a guide to help you.

Step 2. Turn on the IUF module.

Go to your addons > credit control>Internal use fields 

Step 3: Setting up a ruleset

Click the (+ Add) button to create a new Internal Use field ruleset or use an existing template.

NOTE: You can use the preview button to preview the experience you are creating at any time.

  • Account type: Select the type of applications that the ruleset will apply to;

  • Search and Send: For Credit and Cash applications.  Select whether your users will be required to complete mandatory  fields prior to sending the application;

  • Select the entity types that the ruleset will apply to;

  • Create the non-pricing questions that will apply to all applications; 

  • If required, for company type applications, create the questions that will apply for each trading entity. If you have not selected a company under step 3, this will not apply.

  • Create the pricing questions that will apply to all applications and determine if you need an approver to sign off IUFs prior to this going through the approval process;

  • Preview and Save.

Step 4: If you have enabled approval for Internal Use fields you will need to give the appropriate user permission to approve IUFs.

To do this:

1.     Go to settings > Business profile > your team

2.     Select and edit the profile of the relevant user

3.     Enable the IUF approver permission