1Centre Suppliers have access to additional credit services, such as:

  • Business Credit Checks
  • Personal Credit Checks for Sole Traders and the like.
  • Identity Verification – includes Drivers Licence or Passport
  • AML Check - Anti-Money Laundering Check - includes Drivers Licence or Passport
  • Trade reference checks - conducted by Total Risk Management Limited. Or you can complete the checks in-house
  • Personal Guarantee functionality
1Centre automatically pulls information from Credit Agencies and Guarantors for you, so you can see the detail relating to a potential customer in the one place.  Trade Reference Checks are conducted manually but loaded against the application once complete.

A note on partnerships:

  • Partners are all liable for the partnership.
  • Under the Partnership Act http://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/1908/0139/latest/DLM172703.html Partners are bound by acts on behalf of firm.  An act or instrument relating to the business of the firm, and done or executed in the firm name, or in any other manner showing an intention to bind the firm, by any person thereto authorised, whether a partner or not, is binding on the firm and all the partners (unless it is a deed etc)