There are 3 types of users;

  • Admin user - can perform all functions in 1Centre account. 
  1. This role is typically the business owner,Branch/Store Manager or the person who will manage credit rules and other users
  2. This role is the only role who has access to the 'Profile Page' tab shown in the menu.
  3. This role can do and see everything in the
    1Centre Basic account.
  • Manager user - typically a sales manager or accounts person who has visibility of the whole organisation and can have approval rights
  1. This role can send and approve applications.
  2. This role cannot see the profile tab so has no rights to change the credit rules or edit team members.

  • Standard user - typically a sales rep who can only send trade account invites and view the applications and accounts they're responsible for
  1. This role can only see their profile and cannot

    approve accounts.

  2. This role can send applications, add notes and
    view the review application tab.

  3. This role cannot delete or archive applications completed applications